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Les Mains Guidees Workshop — Santons de Provence CANCELLED

Vermilionville - Cooking School

Vermilionville is proud to have Kate Ferry return for another Les Mains Guidées Saturday, December 2 making Les Santons de Provence, traditional clay figurines that the Provençal make to place in the Christmas Crèche. This was so much fun last year, we made Santons of the traditional figures, but also some familiar Vermilionville characters, like Louie the Cat and Mr. October, Brady McKellar. Make plans to come! Kate Ferry is a well-known area artist, designer and illustrator who has made a career of doing award-winning work for Louisiana agencies and clients, while also producing her own works including murals, paintings and other artworks. The crib is composed of figures called “santons” which formed French villages some centuries ago, the shepherd, the drummer, the village idiot and many others. The first Christmas crib known in France was set up in 1775 in Marseille. Nowadays they are set up around the end of November, or beginning of December and dismantled after Epiphany when the Three Kings join the other figures. The origin of the word “santon” is the Provencal noun “santoun” which means little saint. Santons are traditionally hand made of clay and painted by artisans, and you can have that same […]