School Presentations are offered as one aspect of our Education Outreach Programming. Demonstrations can be scheduled as classroom visits or presentations for your educational programs. Presentations last between 45 to 75 minutes and introduce students to water quality concerns in the Bayou Vermilion Watershed. We offer two focuses for our presentations.

Focus #1:

Introduction to Trash and Litter in the Bayou

This presentation introduces students to the serious issues of aquatic litter we face in the Bayou Vermilion, in addition to our oceans. We also discuss solutions we can all be a part of to improve our waterways.


Focus #2:

Introduction to Point Source/Non-Point Source Pollution & Best Management Practices

This presentation introduces students to our EnvironScape Portable Watershed Model and touches on the topics of the water cycle, water runoff, water quality, point & non-point source pollution, best management practices, and the ecology of our watersheds.

Contact Information

Leigh Dupuy, Environmental Programs Coordinator

337.233.4077 x. 206

In addition to our school presentations, BVD offers an Environmental Science Field Trip Package. This package includes a tour of our Watershed Exhibit and Rain Garden, Macroinvertebrate Sampling activity, and Water Quality Chemical Test Analysis of the Bayou Vermilion.

Beginner and Intermediate Canoe Paddles are offered at an additional cost.