The Bayou Vermilion District Board of Commissioners is made up of nine individual volunteers who receive a formal appointment by either the Lafayette Consolidated Government Parish President, the Lafayette City Council, the Lafayette Parish Council, and the Lafayette Parish President and Mayors.

Board meetings are held at Vermilionville located at 300 Fisher Rd. on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 4:30 p.m. 

David Eaton, President

Executive Committee Chair


Appointment: Lafayette Mayor-President
Term: 10/01/20 – 09/30/24


Mark Wiltz, Vice President



Appointment: Lafayette City Council
Term: 10/01/20 – 09/30/24

Calvin Leger, Secretary

Vermilionville Operations Chair


Appointment: Area Mayors
Term: 07/14/20 – 09/30/23


Karen Hail

Finance Committee Chair


Appointment: Lafayette Mayor President
Term: 10/01/21 – 09/30/25


Phyllis Mouton


Appointment: Lafayette City Council
Term: 01/05/21 – 09/30/23


Claire L. Darby

Bayou Operations and Development Committee Chair


Appointment: Lafayette City Council
Unexpired Term: 10/01/18 – 09/30/22



Holden Hoggatt



Appointment: Lafayette Parish Council
Term: 10/01/19 – 09/30/23


Hiram “Don” McConnell, Jr.


 Appointment: Area Mayors
Term: 10/01/18 – 09/30/22