The Acadian Cultural Preservation Award

 Vermilionville is now accepting nominees for the Acadian Cultural Preservation Award. This prestigious award was established in 1999 honoring the contributions made by individuals who actively promote the preservation and advancement of the Acadian and Cajun culture through language and language studies, food, art, music, dance, education, and traditions. Individuals who demonstrate any of the following characteristics should apply or be nominated:

  • Ambassador or Promoter of the Acadian Culture or heritage;

  • Involvement in local cultural organization(s);

  • Depicting character values as a role model for future generations.

To date twenty-two local individuals have received this award for their outstanding contributions in the community and the furtherance of the culture. Applications or on-line entries are available at the Vermilionville website ( The deadline for submitting a name for consideration is July 23, 2023.  This year’s award recipient will be announced leading up to our annual Acadian Culture Day Celebration at Vermilionville on August 13, 2023. Any questions regarding the application process please contact Vermilionville at (337) 233-4077.

Individuals are encouraged to submit an application or nominate an individual in helping to Preserve the Acadian Culture.

Acadian Culture Preservation Award

This is the Nomination Form for the Annual Acadian Culture Preservation Award

Nominee Address

Thank you for your consideration in this important cultural award.

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