Welcome to Vermilionville

Vermilionville’s mission is to increase appreciation for the history, culture, and natural resources of the Native Americans, Acadians, Creoles, and peoples of African descent in the Attakapas region through the end of the 1800s. Through historic interpretation and conservation along the Bayou Vermilion, we strive to educate guests on the interactions of these groups and the connections between past and contemporary folklife, thus empowering guests to apply these lessons from our shared histories.

Calendar & Events

Vermilionville is open six days a week, Tuesday through Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please keep in mind that we stop taking admission at 3 p.m. daily as it takes approximately an hour to an hour and thirty minutes to tour our historic village.

Explore Vermilionville


Every time it rains, the water that lands in your yard has to go somewhere. Some of it either soaks into the ground or evaporates, but during a heavy rain most of that water will become “surface runoff.” Surface runoff water will flow across your yard, into ditches and coulees eventually making its way into the Bayou Vermilion.

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Unlike rain gardens, which are usually situated in lower areas of landscapes, Butterfly Gardens make a great application for utilizing the rainwater stored in your rain barrel(s). Not only do they add color and life to your landscape, they support the life cycle of pollinators and other beneficial garden insects.

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Friday, June 9 Plate Lunch

Celebrate Seafood Friday with today's featured entree: Catfish Courtbouillon w/ Fried Shrimp! Served with a delicious homemade biscuit, a side, a...

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Sunday, June 11 Buffet

$15.95 gets you all you can eat of La Cuisine de Maman's fabulous Sunday Buffet. This week, it's Pork Stew & Smothered Chicken, plus salad, gumbo,...

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